Monday, October 28, 2013

Philosophy, Hypnosis and Wittgenstein

There are many interconnections between philosophy and hypnosis. Even the use of words is in itself hypnotic. Wittgenstein's understanding of the morphing of a word's meaning from one context to another is extraordinarily hypnotic. How many arguments and vitriol have been fomented by the use of words that are understood differently by the parties concerned? And the controversy deepens because words far too often substitute for meaning. Yes, we require words to communicate meaning but, as Wittgenstein's ladder suggests and, I believe, Plato understood as well, ultimately particular language fades as meaning, understanding, knowledge and wisdom emerges. Many deep and ideological confusions are forms of mass hypnosis founded on disconnected abstractions("forms of life"). (originally posted 6/29/13)                                                                                  

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